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Reminder SMS Information for 2024

Attention all vendors and attendees!

We no longer allow ANY selling of merchandise outside of the three vendor halls.

This decision is due to several reasons:

- First, it's not fair to vendors that have paid for tables and then must compete with individuals that are selling outside of the venue locations.

- Second, it is not fair to us, the sponsors of the show. We do not make any revenue from individuals selling in the outside areas other than entry tickets.  We know that this practice has been allowed for several years in the past, but we have made the decision this year to discontinue this practice.

- Third, this practice also congests the areas surrounding the halls for vendors that are trying to get their merchandise into the halls to sell.


Additionally, no camping will be permitted at any of the spaces that are immediately adjacent. 

This will help to eliminate the selling of merchandise next to the facilities as well as free up the area arounds the halls for vendors to load/unload their goods.  The Georgia National Fairgrounds & Agrirama do not allow solicitation on the grounds outside of the show areas either (e.g. campground area or parking lots).


We hope that those who plan to attend and want to sell their merchandise will now purchase table(s) inside the halls (available at the below link).  We also want to remind you that tickets, purchased online are still $12.00.  The price for admission will increase to $15.00 at the gate(s) (including campers) so we suggest purchasing your tickets early online (also available at the below link).


We truly enjoy sponsoring this excellent show and swap meet ever year.  And we also are appreciative of our vendors and attendees.  Without you, there wouldn’t be a show.  However, these changes are necessary to promote fairness for everyone and to ensure we make an adequate profit to continue sponsoring this annual show.  We solicit your comments or questions and sharing this with as many others as you can.  We thank you for your understanding of our position.

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