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Flying Field

GAMA operates from Duckworth-Deputy Field, a model aircraft flying site located on Vinson Road in Fort Valley, Georgia. This expansive 60-acre leased flying site has been our home since August, 2001.


We have two flying fields - one for flying Radio Control, and the other for Control Line.

Our main RC flying field boasts a 600' x 150' runway area, with a 270' X 30' Geotextile runway.  We do allow almost any type of RC aircraft to fly on the field and have even had experimental manned aircraft land on our runway.

GAMA Flying Field map

See current weather conditions at the field HERE >

Field Operations

While R/C flying is not an inherently dangerous hobby, there are some basic safety and field practices our members are expected to observe. We encourage members, guests, and spectators to enjoy our hobby as a friendly, safe, and wholesome pastime.

  • Insurance requirements and our lease dictate that all members must maintain a current AMA membership and adhere to the AMA National Model Aircraft Safety Code. All flyers should have a current AMA card with them when flying at our field.

  • Only GAMA members and guests are permitted beyond the fence line and only GAMA members and guests with a current AMA membership are allowed to fly on our field.

  • Only individuals that have obtained an AMA turbine waiver specifically for that category of aircraft they are flying may fly turbine aircraft at the field. 

  • Transmitters may only be activated with proper clearance, gained by 'pinning' your channel (72mhz) on the frequency board. A transmitter is 'pinned' when a member places his or her AMA card on the appropriate frequency pin and attaching a frequency pin to the transmitter.

  • Up to five aircraft may be in the flight pattern at any one time (does not include hovering helicopters). Taxiing into or out of the pit area is discouraged, and flying over or behind the pit area, is not permitted.

  • Any pilot declaring an in-flight emergency will be given right-of-way over all other aircraft to the greatest extent possible.

  • All aircraft with engines larger than .40 size should be tethered or physically restrained by a helper during all engine starts and runs.

  • No turbine jet aircraft permitted on the Geotextile Mat runway.  


  • Takeoff and landing directions are governed by wind direction. If the wind is calm or cross-runway, the takeoff and landing pattern will be determined by mutual agreement with clear communications of intent.

  • Respect our neighbors around the flying field by not flying over their houses or property and any highly-noisy aircraft owners may be required to make changes to their aircraft to mitigate the noise, or you may be restricted from flying at the field. 

  • All aircraft are subject to inspection by any club officer. If considered unsafe, aircraft discrepancies must be corrected prior to the next flight. Most club members are skilled and willing to assist in such repairs - just ask!

  • No individual shall fly following the consumption of alcohol in any amount.

  • Our club is known for treating all members, visitors, and spectators with respect, friendliness, and encouragement. For safety's sake, all visitors (pets and cows included!) should be asked to remain behind the fenced pit area.


  • Repeated failure to comply with these guidelines has simply never happened. We don't expect it to.





Site grooming is typically done on Thursday mornings until approximately 11 AM


Out of respect for our neighbors, no flying is permitted with gas or glow-fueled aircraft until noon on Sundays

Build straight, fly straight, and ask for help if you need it!

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